About Us

The WELL DRESSED NUT is a small, artisanal company founded by two women with a passion for taste, quality and presentation—values instilled by their collective experience at a prestigious beauty company.

Our focus is to create a healthful gourmet treat with savor and style. These specialty pecans have…

  • amazing taste in every bite
  • flavors with flair (check out our Flavor Wardrobe)
  • premium, all-natural ingredients, handcrafted with TLC
  • chic packaging that makes an impression at any gathering

"We select perfect pecan halves, fresh from the orchard, toss them in our custom-mixed spice blends, then slow roast the nuts in small batches to create a memorable taste for the discriminating palate. We pay personal attention to every detail since perfection is our priority. Our pecans not only get a special invitation to any chic get-together, they get invited back time and time again!

Pecans have more going for them than just their great flavor and crunchy allure. They’re bursting with heart-healthy benefits, antioxidants and dietary fiber, which makes the WELL DRESSED NUT an indulgence you can feel great about enjoying and sharing. It's a delicious answer to the age-old question of what to give as a hostess gift or thank-you gift. (Learn more about pecans at www.ilovepecans.org

Thanks for visiting the WELL DRESSED NUT. We know you’ll be delighted with your selection!